London, England

Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes…

Seasons of Lah…Lah…Lon-don!

It’s my one year London-versary, y’all. Time has been flying. Here’s an month by month update from Essex Road since I’ve been in the UK.

Bath, England Cotswolds, England London, England Paris, France Stonehenge, England Stratford-Upon-Avon, England

Thankful for…

This Thanksgiving, my mom took an eleven hour flight to visit us in London. Here, turkey isn’t on sale until December, we missed sweet potato and pumpkin pie, we didn’t experience Daisuke’s first encounter with sticky rice, and we knew Corey wouldn’t get a day off. Yet, we couldn’t help but feel incredibly grateful for our time together, and with her permission, I’m sharing an email my mom sent me the day after returning from her trip overseas.

London, England

Bits and Bobs

We returned from the fabulous city of Philadelphia on Monday, and just had a couple bits and bobs to do before Corey went back to work (‘bits and bobs’ is London speak for ‘errands’).  We accomplished UK bank accounts, healthcare activation, library membership so I can check out travel guides, and grocery shopping. Alas, I am still waiting to get a phone contract.

Bath, England Cotswolds, England London, England Stonehenge, England

London from Anne to Z…..

Anne purchased Craig Taylor’s book,  Londoners: The Days and Nights of London Now- as Told by Those who Love it, Hate it, Live it, Left it, and Long for it, as a gift for me as I start this journey across the pond.  In the author’s introduction, he cites another booklet, the London A-Z atlas as an “essential companion to the city.”

London, England

Eye on Islington 

I know I said I’d write post-Portugal since I’ve just been wandering the neighborhood and doing mundane things like laundry, but then I realized I can post about my hood so folks can see what they should look forward to when they visit (see what I did there?)

Here are a few shots….

I can’t afford many things down Camden Passage but it’s such a lovely walk after getting out of the tube.


Haven’t tried a crepe yet but I’m pretty sure I’ll find myself using their wifi as an excuse to eat crepes….while searching for a job!


The number of cozy looking pubs with pies is astounding. Can I tackle them all?


The telephone booth and red bus felt very British. This is also across the street from Islington Green, the small triangle of greenery before you get to our spot.

The next day I decided I can run Islington and check out the neighborhood at a faster pace. You could call it a run with various pitstops.

It’s like an infinity sign holding a balloon.


The front of a lovely cafe called Food Stop.


Many of the homes have colorful doors. I dig the primary colors.


Our tube stop, one stop past King’s Cross St. Pancras…yes, that’s the same stop with Platform 9 and 3/4.


The red and green leaves!? Gorgeous!


Remember that map with the balloon above the infinity sign? This is the reason I got side tracked- Arsenal Arena! Can’t wait to be at a game, learning the songs and cheers!


Here is what I ate after my run. Yum! Lemon pistachio heaven.

By the third day of wandering, I got a bit more focused. I got a map for the Islington Design Festival and decided to conquer all ten locations plus the four “fringe” location. Collecting stamps from each location means that you can earn free prizes- what!? I’m in!

My stamps are on the back of the map, but I liked the map 🙂


Each of the locations created a pot to house these succulents. Designers were able to use whatever medium inspired them.


The woman who owns this shop grew up in Rochester. She also has an amazing tray with a hand painted tree by a French artist but I couldn’t grab the pic of that. I’ll be back! I know Ad and Ev love a good tray!


Hotaru pendant lighting. So simple and so delicate.


Here are my free prizes!!!!

Shoutout for you if you finished reading this “in-between” post!

Shoutout to Caitlin for introducing me to the phrase “you alright?” which means “how are you doing?” NOT “are you ok?” – an important difference to know so you aren’t over-sharing your emotions with that woman helping you behind the deli counter.

Shoutout to Ev for my first piece of snail mail.

Shoutout to Sayuri and Joe for their anniversary.

Shoutout to Jose for the Mi Linguino blog.

And drum roll please…. Shout out to Nate Ryan gettin his learning on while looking oh so dapper- seriously get this kid a contract! Get in line- he’s good looking and a mixels engineer!
What’s a mixel? Tighten up!