Bath, England Cotswolds, England London, England Paris, France Stonehenge, England Stratford-Upon-Avon, England

Thankful for…

This Thanksgiving, my mom took an eleven hour flight to visit us in London. Here, turkey isn’t on sale until December, we missed sweet potato and pumpkin pie, we didn’t experience Daisuke’s first encounter with sticky rice, and we knew Corey wouldn’t get a day off. Yet, we couldn’t help but feel incredibly grateful for our time together, and with her permission, I’m sharing an email my mom sent me the day after returning from her trip overseas.

Bath, England Cotswolds, England London, England Stonehenge, England

London from Anne to Z…..

Anne purchased Craig Taylor’s book,  Londoners: The Days and Nights of London Now- as Told by Those who Love it, Hate it, Live it, Left it, and Long for it, as a gift for me as I start this journey across the pond.  In the author’s introduction, he cites another booklet, the London A-Z atlas as an “essential companion to the city.”