Manyeleti Game Reserve, South Africa

Our Honeyguide Khoka Moya Safari

I used to tease that within the first 10 minutes of meeting Corey, he’d find a way to share that he’s been on safari at Maasai Mara in Kenya.  Now, with my mere four days at Manyeleti game reserve, it’s safe to say that I understand his sentiments, and that I’ll most likely fall into the same habit since this was a trip I’ll never forget.

Cape Town, South Africa

A Lekker Time in Cape Town

(*Lekker is an Afrikaans word that was used to 1) describe food as tasty or nice.  Now it’s been adapted as slang in other ways: 2) to comment about a woman who is fit/hot and 3) to express one’s feeling that something /someone is cool, sweet, dope; a basic word to express approval…summing up exactly how we felt about Cape Town)


Arriving in Cape Town on Christmas day felt like magic. 

Marrakech, Morocco

Souk Life In Marrakech

From the moment we arrived in Marrakech, we completely lost our sense of direction, and owning this fact was the start of enjoying our experience here.  The weather was beautifully warm in March so I felt like getting lost actually couldn’t get me down.