Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes…

Seasons of Lah…Lah…Lon-don!

It’s my one year London-versary, y’all. Time has been flying. Here’s an month by month update from Essex Road since I’ve been in the UK.September 2015:  Touring the London sights with Anne, discovering Brixton market, and settling into the Hippodrome for an American tradition: the NFL on Sundays.

October 2015:  Learning to switch my units of measurement: the Greenwich Meantime 24 hour clock, calculating temperatures in Celsius, and cooking with grams!? Pounds are a currency, not a weight, and I pronounce ‘innovative, resource, and aluminum’ complete wrong. (And oh yeah, Halloween is becoming a trend out here).

November 2015:  Having serious nostalgia for my KIPP family but making the most of my unemployment by cooking up a storm.

December 2015:  The season of employment and holiday cheer! Christmas dos (parties) take over the entire month in this city starting 1st Dec (the date goes before the month)!

January 2016:  Learning a new language at every turn,  and on a mission for the best fish and chips. (Look out for a London glossary soon!)

February 2016:  Treating myself for my birthday, enjoying the various markets near our neighborhood, and watching the seasons change on Regents Canal.

March 2016:  I’m worried that my understanding of ‘good food’ is going to wane as I become accustomed to the food here.  So I must sacrifice and taste test as much as I can before you all come visit me.  Also, Corey was so happy for this surprise weekend trip to North Greenwich for the Ali exhibit (just a ferry ride from London Bridge).

April 2016:  Agile working is a serious change of pace…one that I can get used to.

May 2016:  The sun is coming out…sorta.  The days are growing longer which means there is more time to explore.  I also learned about a movement to make London the first ever National Park City since there are about 3,000 parks in the Greater London region.

June 2016:  My mini-hen do, and the start of Summer Institute.

July 2016:  Ok, I’m breaking my ‘only London photos’ rule and adding a few shots from July 9th.  (The rest of this month was more teacher training so I figured you wouldn’t mind.)  More to come, I promise!

August 2016:  Summer and London aren’t exactly mutually exclusive.  The fact that it stays light until about 10:30pm makes up for reality that most days were only about 21 degrees out (that’s 69 degrees F). At least Andrew David is enjoying our Sunshine state back home (Welcome to my newest nephew!)

September 2016:  I’ve met up with at least three people who’ve recently moved to London.  I remember so many friends of cousins of neighbors taking me out when I first arrived so it’s nice to do the same now that I’ve got a year under my belt!

Corey and I still randomly turn to each other and say ‘We live in London.’  At this point, ‘home’ is still the States but that I’m not taking this stint of my life for granted at all, and I appreciate you taking this journey with me.  No matter what oceans may separate us, I couldn’t do this without y’all.

One response to “Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes…”

  1. Hi Tamiko,

    The food, sunflowers, photos, wine and your beautiful face was so wonderful to see on your blog. You are a genius composing these blogs. When I read the blogs and see the photos, I feel that I am there with the two of you. The market with the fish brought back memories.

    Keep the blogs going!

    Love you,




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