Oakland Solo Week 2

It’s Mother’s Day which means that my trip to Oakland was three months ago!? Where does the time go?! Well, it never gets old looking back on the full-o-fun memories that we made.

If you finished reading the previous post, then you know that Miya’s crew arrived on a Sunday. The cousins crew didn’t skip a beat. After making muffins at Bachan’s house, we went to Dimond playground on Monday Morning. In the afternoon, Grandad and Mamo hosted Caryl, Ann Marie and Uncle Richie for a bbq, and all the kids showed off their new outfits and little gifts. Mamo surprised us by celebrating all of our birthdays in one go as we wouldn’t see family in the spring. Sachi, Saya and I all blew out candles on a shared cake. Very sweet!

Tuesday, the family hangouts continued with a trip down memory lane to Tilden park. Feeding the cows never gets old. The goats were pretty happy we showed up with celery as well. Daisuke led the small hike to Jewel lake, and Saya and Sachi collected things for their pockets and purse. Naptime still split our day so we finished our picnic and took Sachi home for her rest before heading to Grandad’s for the evening.

Wednesday was trampolining in Dublin. The kids basically lost their minds with nonstop jumping. The grownup sisters had a dunk contest, there was a gladiator joust which I’m pretty sure Jamie officially won, and Daisuke owned the dodgeball section. We finished the day playing on the lawn until dinner time, and then Emiko hosted a movie night for us in the family room.

Thursday, we had brunch with Auntie Jo before our send off. The girls continued their crafting with all the aunties and Bachan. I just beamed seeing all the energy and love swirling around. It gave me strength for the flight back. It was less than ideal with Sachi not sleeping at all as planned, but we made it and were so happy to spend the time with my family for those two weeks. Nothing better!