Bachan’s Extended Stay

As we ended our two weeks in the States, Bachan’s plan was to fly back to London to visit for just two weeks.  We changed her flight so she could help me with the kids while Corey was on a work trip, and then unfortunately she contracted covid.  This brought her stay up to five weeks with us and by the end of her trip, the girls were calling for the Bachan to answer the door when we’d return home from nursery.  Bachan was a part of their daily routine. 

I really wanted to take my mom on a weekend away during her visit, but the days didn’t line up for that especially once she was sick.  We visited our local haunts like the Zoo and Upper Street charity shops (see the djembe we picked up -see above). 

We also did a tour of the splash grounds in the area, hitting up Southbank center, Kings Cross, and Kings Square Gardens, all fun in their own way. 

I found tickets for the Yayoi Kusama exhibit, Infinity Mirror Rooms, and paired dinner at the Tate rooftop restaurant.  A real treat for both of us sitting at a table overlooking the Thames and London skyline at night.

There was no shortage of art projects, bubbles, and gardening- all things that Bachan likes to do.  Plus we saw talented youth art on display at the Royal Academy of Arts, with the youngest entry being just four years old!

Things we didn’t capture pictures of: Bachan’s homemade meals, the hours of singing that Bachan did to help Sachi fall asleep as she struggled from jet lag upon return from Cali, and our walks around the neighborhood.

The culmination of her trip was a camping trip at Wimbles Farm which is documented on my blog in a separate post!