Reunion in Kailua-Kona

All of Miya’s planning and logistics all came to fruition as we checked into the Kona Coast resort just an hour apart from each other.  I couldn’t believe we were finally in Hawaii!  I remember feeling anxious because I wanted to do everything at once, and didn’t know where to start!  I wanted to be with my sisters, to snorkel, to eat, to see my kids on the beach, to see my mom with her grandkids. The remedy to my wound up feelings was jumping in the pool with everyone on that first afternoon!

From there, the ebb and flow of the week meant that everyone got a chance to do what they wanted, with whomever wanted to join.  We’d reunite for family meal every night, followed by a volleyball game, and a late night swim before bedtime.  The days were long in the best way. 

On Monday, we packed into the Forrest Ramirez car and drove down the road to Magic Sands Beach.  Everyone got an adrenaline rush from the pummeling waves, whether or not they waded in.  In fact, the girls stayed on the beach, and found out quickly why it’s called Magic Sands- when the tide is high, the sand is submerged so quickly, it disappears like magic.  Daisuke, Jose, Manuel and Corey couldn’t get enough of the waves, even after losing glasses and one’s footing many times over!  Auntie Jamie, Saya and I ate lunch from a local shack before heading back.  Sachi and Bachan had already bonded over naps and were home an hour before.  After hours at Magic Sands Beach, Daisuke returned to the resort ready to swim!  He is a little fish!  I opted for grocery shopping before dinner rather than swimming again.  I was wiped!  Jose, Miya and Christina hosted the first family meal of chicken, slaw and watermelon and it hit the spot!  The barbecue grills stationed all over the resort were a perfect set up for our trip. 

The Hele-on Trolly stop was an uphill hike into the shopping center that became a part of our daily routine.  On Tuesday, we headed out in search of macadamia nut pancakes for Jose’s birthday breakfast, and found unicorn bread instead.  We spent the day in Kailua -Kona, doing a bit of shopping before arriving at a very kid friendly beach at Kamakahonu Kailua Pier.  The waves were calm enough for us to rent a stand-up paddle board, or SUP.  The fun continued as we took turns scrambling on, falling off, and riding into busier waves outside of the protected cove.  The only way to close out this afternoon was shave ice!  That evening, Corey grilled beef and chicken to celebrate Corey D and May’s arrival to Kona!  The first night of volleyball was epic as Jamie would say, and the kids played so wonderfully in the sand with Bachan heading up the baby sitting duties. 

On Wednesday, Jamie and I rode to Kahalu’u Bay, locally known as ‘snorkel beach’, and floated for a couple hours amongst the growing coral and brightly colored fish.  Jamie let me use her snorkel most of the time, and we’d come up for air, pointing out new creatures to each other.  We spent time at the resort with Corey D and May, passing the time in the pool, and doing some watercolor painting.  During nap time, Corey played a round of golf, and Bachan was able to find some Hawaiian fabric with Miya.  We rendezvoused for family meal of aqua de papaya, shrimp tostadas and rice hosted by Christina.  Yum!

Thursday: Corey, Jamie, myself and the girls returned to the protected beach at Kamakahonu Kailua Pier, but it was a bit too warm to be out in the sun for very long.  We did spy some black crabs blending into the lava rocks but left the beach in search of a yummy plate lunch at Broke Da Mouth Grindz.  We found a keiki museum as well (children’s museum), a great spot to wait while lunch was being prepared. During nap time, Jamie and I snuck away to Ola Brewery, and tasted as much of the menu as we could from hard teas, ciders, and fun flavored beer.  Highly recommend it if you’re in the area!  Dinner in the evening was catch as catch can and family pictures at sunset.  We missed our last night of volleyball because we were busy packing bags, sifting out sand, and wrapping souvenirs.

Our airport taxi driver taught us the perfect slogan end to our family reunion ‘A hui hou ‘– until we meet again.  Next family holiday: London 2023!