LonSum 3.0 July: Art & Ice Cream

After Momma Margaret’s visit, I had to retrain myself to ‘mom’ without an extra set of helping hands. The summer art shows made the time go by more quickly until Corey would come home. I also planned play dates for myself to connect with friends.

We visited Somerset House’s Get Up, Stand Up exhibit that featured Horace Ove’s film, art, and photography. His son curated the exhibit to feature his dad, as well as the other artists and activists from the Windrush generation. My friend Sherita met us at the National Portrait Gallery to see the Portrait of the Year exhibit. Saya and I also hit up the Royal Academy of Arts for their summer extravaganza.

Alice, my old colleague, hung out with us on one of the hottest days in the summer. I had a towel on Saya’s head to keep her cool. During that week, in search of air con, we also hit up the Screen on the Green cinema for the first time. The Lion King was a very baby friendly feature film. Seeing the parents and carers set up prams, bassinets, carriers, and all the baby gear before the movie started was a show in itself.

Our NCT crew dubbed ourselves the ice cream club since scoops and cones featured weekly. We’d stroll Regent Park’s frieze sculptures, the canal, Highbury fields, and always find ourselves at the local ice cream shop. Sometimes, even the dads would meet us if they could get away from work in the late afternoon.

Other July events: I made my first quiche with the help of Sam’s recipe. We held a Teach First LDO/baby reunion. I also had my first night out with Nick’s friend, Brel. The bone marrow a Black Axe Mangal was tasty, but the feature for me was a carafe of wine. That made for a perfect summer night out for a first time mom.