LonSum 3.0 June: Summer Soirees

From a historic heatwave to random rainy days, the summer of 2019 kept us on our toes with our new baby girl. Saya shed her jaundiced color, relearnt to nurse after her tongue tie division, and put on weight. We were enchanted with her new facial expressions, and our guests couldn’t cuddle her enough.

Jamie and Matt’s trip introduced Saya-bear to many of her first London sights. We took afternoon tea at the Dalloway Terrace, visited the Barbican AI exhibit, and squeezed in World Cup matches at Kick to watch our women’s team kick butt. Jamie and I always block out sacred sister hangouts, too. This visit featured her zucchini crepes, a staple in her weekly meal plans.

When Jamie and Matt departed for Ireland, Saya and I explored our neighborhood farm, and got to know more of our London friends, Beth, Hannah, and Tata Sam. Lizzie and Marty took us for our first dinner out to Zaffrani and were supportive as Saya had a bit of a melt down. And her primo, Daisuke, read to her for the first time on FaceTime.

You thought June couldn’t get better? Enter Momma Margaret! She took Saya to her first library visit, made her famous potato salad for our summer picnic, and supported our first attempts to give Saya the bottle. Each day, we went out with a small shopping list, and came back with numerous bags 😉 . We hit up ice cream, afternoon tea, and Roman Road. Also, our kitchen couldn’t have been cleaner. Momma Margaret wiped down every crumb from the counter as she sang along to Maze and Frankie Beverly to close out each day.

We took a family trip to France during the hottest weekend in history, right after Saya had a round of vaccinations. We couldn’t have done those days without the help of our village. Generous aperitivos, baked goods, and Sophie’s cooking flowed freely out of the Madama kitchen. I spent some time in a hammock while Saya was in the caring hands of everyone else. Grateful for our family that is looking out for us every step of the day.