Chichester in September

It’s only appropriate that I start a September post with more news for friends and family– and it’s girls galore! Perri & Matt’s daughter: Phia, Zach & Amanda’s daughter: Eloise, and Miya & Jose’s daughter: Emiko. Welcome little women!

Corey planned a day trip to Chichester on this bright and crisp Saturday.  The train to the southern coastal town was a little less than two hours, with one transfer.  Upon arrival, Corey realised we’d also need to take a cab out to the pub that he’d scouted for lunch, but an extra fifteen minutes would be worth it as the ride would take us into the countryside.

The Fox Goes Free is a 400 year old pub with a wonderful garden that looks as if you’re picnicking in the sheep meadow just beyond the short stone wall.  The bread platter was massive, and we were prepared to spoil our appetites.  The pace was leisurely, and the sun was out, so there wasn’t any rush for our mains to arrive.  But when they did, we were floored. Fish & chips with minty peas and a decadent sausage & mash with bacon & onion gravy.  Needless to say, we took our time, and enjoyed the garden.

I found the Cass Sculpture park up the road, but we did need a cab to get us there before the grounds closed its gates at 4:30pm. We meandered through over 50 sculptures hidden in the wooden park.  The Cass founders are a couple in their nineties who live on the property and have dedicated their life to art.

Back in the town center, we were just in time for a serene evensong at the cathedral, where its said that the entire town population can fit within the 1000 year old walls.  It’s a known space because of it’s stand alone campanile and combination of gothic and modern architecture.

After a peppermint tea, we caught an evening train back to London, content with our autumnal day trip.