High Season of Hygge in Copenhagen

Hygge (hoo-geh) is the Danish concept for relaxing and taking note of the simple things in life. I’m still practicing my pronunciation but I can completely get down with this idea.  Wearing wooly socks and reading a book in front of an open fire with hot cocoa is the pinnacle of hygge.img_8235
Forgetting life’s worries over mulled cider and board games with friends means you’ve gotten into the hygge spirit.  Slowing down and recognizing that your well-being comes first. Yep, that’s so ‘hygge’, America.

This was the introduction to my first trip to Copenhagen.  We wrapped ourselves in our warm coats and walked along the riverside to the Nyhavn canal. Along the way we tried out the ingenious trampolines built into the sidewalk along this part of the riverside.  The almanak restaurant at the Standard gave us our first taste of smorrebrod, a traditional open faced sandwich on rye bread with tasty toppings.

We strolled the lanes of the town center. We saw the Lego flagship store, and also bought Corey a new coat at a small neighborhood shop.  Walking Copenhagen was easy even in the chilly weather. We cranned our necks to see the holiday lights at Tivoli Gardens (mini-theme park not really worth going inside in my opinion), and found a wonderful independent art pop-up market with ceramics, earrings, and woodwork.

As the sun set, we made our way to NOMA!!!  THANK YOU, CHEF NICK WONG!!! We are the luckiest people alive for this reservation! All of the food here is foraged, harvested, grown or caught locally and it truly makes such a difference. I’d also say the service is why this restaurant was ranked #1 in the world in 2014, and has been ranked in the top five for since 2013 (see list here)! We were welcomed by the entire kitchen staff when we arrived, and we were able to tour the kitchens after our meal. Just unbelievable! We met interns, a wonderful sommelier, and confirmed the rumors that NOMA will open a restaurant in Mexico soon.  The staff provided food recommendations for Copenhagen on Sunday, for our return to London, and for Bangkok honeymoon as well!

Feast your eyes on this!

Sunday, we woke up smiling. How lucky were we?! We headed to the food market for the tacos made from handmade masa, which were the best I’ve had outside of California.  We strolled other stalls and taste tested meatballs, and small snacks before we had to fly back to London.  We’re too lucky and very grateful for the opportunity that Nick afforded us!  I felt hella hygge 😉

Quick Shot:

  • Lunch at almanak: jump on the trampolines first though (about a 3 min walk from the restaurant)
  • Stroll Nyhavn Canal, walk past Tivoli Garden, and get lost in the many side streets of Copenhagen
  • Check out Noma before it shuts down Dec 31, 2016 (too sad that it’s closing but they will bring out something new and amazing, no doubt)
  • Have a cocktail at Bronnum
  • Do a late breakfast or early lunch at the Torvehallerne market. Don’t forget to try the tacos at Hija de Sanchez (Sunday market)

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  1. You’re right about that repurposing! This trip looks incredible.


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