Brighton Day Trip

I woke up Saturday morning feeling like I wanted to get out of the house.  London is still feeling great, but we haven’t been somewhere new since the school year has started.  A day trip to Brighton seemed like an easy remedy.

Brighton is a seaside town about an hour south of London on the train. It’s really easy to get to from the London Bridge station so we packed our camera and some grapes for the train ride.  Being near the sea meant the first stop had to be for fish and chips.  We read that Bardsley’s fish and chips shop has been serving up piping hot cod and haddock since 1926.  We ordered a platter that included calamari and shrimp as well. Go big or go home!

On the walk to Brighton Pier we saw a surprising amount of graffiti art.  The Royal Pavilion was unfortunately covered by white tents , but you could still make out the ‘oriental’ influence in the architecture. (Yes, the word ‘oriental’ was used to describe the design).  The town’s main shopping area, North Laine, included something for everyone: hemp bracelets and MC Hammer pants were neighbors with expensive coffee beans and gourmet donuts.  Vintage sweaters and records shared the block with H&M and Barbour.  This weekend, there were also stands dedicated to Halloween inspired face painting.

The pebbled coastline stretched for miles, and I can imagine it being dotted with tourists in the summer months. The pier was a predictable scene of tempting arcade games where one could win a million tickets or an apple watch if you could position the coin-pusher-arm or crane-claw just so.  Every few feet, a vendor was selling something incredibly fried, and of course, there was a log ride that Corey had to check out. He also noted the bumper cars seemed more polite than usual- is it really because we’re in the UK?!  We caught the tail end of some Saturday markets on our walk, including a Quaker place of worship that was hosting a craft fair.

We finished our trip with a bag of chocolate sweets for the train ride home, and an airplane sized nip of wine (you can have a tipple on the train!).  It was nice to return home and still have the evening hour to finish a good book.  This mini-outing did just the trick!



2 responses to “Brighton Day Trip”

  1. I’ve been to Brighton!!! My friend’s sister lived there!!


    1. Aww! It’s nice to picture that we’ve been to the same place. Come visit London! Tickets on Norwegian are a lot cheaper than any other airline!


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