Day Trip to Windsor Castle

While Corey was in Milan for his quarterly trip with the boys, I figured I could still get out and about to do some touring on my own. Why not travel to the vacation spot where the queen hosts her family Christmas?

Windsor Castle is only about a 45 minute train ride away from our flat, so last Sunday, I ventured out to see the grounds.  The castle was actually more of a small community rather than one large castle, and along the paths to each building, there were large placards showcasing the Queen’s reign over time. She is now the longest standing monarch in this country. I also learned about jubilees- celebrations to honor the Queen’s 25th year (Silver Jubilee), her 50th year (Gold) and her 60th year (Diamond) as a ruler.

The best parts of the tour were the opulent State Apartments where royalty has hosted huge feasts, where some kings have painted the ceilings in their liking, and where an entire room was dedicated to elaborate porcelain tea sets.  Some of the rooms are decorated to reflect a specific reign, such as King George IV’s crimson room, while others honor the collection of the crown’s artwork, or the crown’s defense.  I really enjoyed the extra touches during this holiday season as many of the rooms were decorated with Christmas trees, lights, sweetmeats, and wreathes.

No pictures were allowed inside of the State Apartments, but that would make for a boring post, so please enjoy the few that I snatched while the guards weren’t looking.

After my time on the castle grounds, I wandered through the quaint neighborhoods, and discovered a road called the Long Walk (see below). I honestly didn’t feel a call to action for this one as it was three miles one way.

Overall, I enjoyed my visit to Windsor castle,  and I have a year long pass to return with my validated ticket from the Royal Collection Trust. But if you’ve got limited time in London, then I might suggest visiting another landmark that has more culturally interesting surrounding areas.  After the castle tour, I felt pretty underwhelmed with the number of outdoor shopping malls filled with people doing their holiday shopping at the base of this historic site.

Oh wait…maybe this shop would lure some friends out to Windsor? Another reason to come visit me in London?IMG_6230


2 responses to “Day Trip to Windsor Castle”

  1. You are right! I have to come now just to get the Hogwarts School boxes and signs! 🙂


  2. Hi,

    I think that Corey’s personality is rubbing off on you. Meaning you are not allowed to take photos and you manage to get them.

    Keep up the good works. It was great to venture on your own while Corey was away. Keep the post coming as I love reading them.

    I did not receive you’re your email to my on Save the date. I cannot print from my work computer because I am on vacation.

    Please see if you can send it again.

    I am enjoying being home for a while.

    Take care and lots of love,



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