On Campus at Cambridge

We decided to head to Cambridge on a blustery Saturday to catch the leaves falling over the historical campus. We learned there are actually 32 campuses in the vicinity, most stacked right next to one another like books on a library shelf.

The train from Kings Cross took us through the dreamy green countryside, complete with a grey mist hovering just above the ground. Upon arrival, though, it began to pour, so is made sense to hail a cab and hear the driver’s points of interest on our way into town.

We stopped at the Fitzwilliam Museum to see the Michelangelo bronzes, which experts say are the only two surviving bronzes by his hand. We admittedly didn’t see much else in the museum as our sights were set on the Fitzbillies’ chelsea bun (our appetizer). Then, we fueled up on a proper pie at The Eagle, complete with a pint- one cider and one ale.

We peeked into campus buildings as if we were students, and apologized if we ‘accidentally’ missed the sign that asked us to pay a fee. Each campus has a gorgeous green space with trees or vines that makes you feel like you need to stop and contemplate the meaning of life.

Because of the rain, we couldn’t enjoy punting down the river- a must do for visitors, though incredibly pricy in my opinion. The remainder of the day was spent walking through small markets and craft shops, and avoiding the streets with commercial stores.  It’s clear that Christmas holidays are on the way with almost every window boasting snow, bows, ornaments, and an occasional Father Christmas mannequin.

It was nice to get out of the city limits and explore, though it was also just as fun to return to the city and get this shot at King’s Cross, if you know what I mean. (The line was too long for me to actually try to run through the wall)IMG_5470


  • Walk or cab from the train station
  • Have a pint at the Eagle
  • Punt down the river if you can afford it
  • Meander through bookshops and craft markets
  • Decide if you want to pay to visit the most famous campuses, or just stroll through the smaller quads which are just as quaint
  • Take a rest at Fitzbillies for the chelsea bun

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