I know where we are?!?!

Friends! In a cab this weekend, I had my first moment where I recognized the neighborhood that we were driving through!……Bloomsbury!

Woo Hoo! My walking is paying off. My ‘Moves’ app tracks my paces and on Friday, I walked 20,525 steps (the equivalent of 10 miles)! I promised myself to walk up every flight of stairs, including the escalators, and managed to do this the entire day.

My walk started in Covent Garden, at the Apple store, where Wayne from Seattle, fixed my ipad. Score.

I hit up the RunnersNeed store for a new pair of running shoes. I’m a Mizuno fan to the core. This shop is at the foot of the Waterloo bridge.

I made my way across the bridge, through various businesses, Maiden’s Lane, Borough Market, to the new pop-up British Museum of Food.  The goal is for the three month pop-up to find a permanent space to celebrate and study the history, sociology, and art of food. For five quid ($bucks), I was able to be the food that travels through one’s digestive tract, I tested how chocolate might taste differently depending on the sounds around us, and noted that bees aren’t the only pollinators around in the Butterfly Effect room. Small space, but I support their idea and I hope they find a permanent space in London.

I took the train to Hampstead to finally see Hampstead Heath, an outdoor space full of winding trails and falling leaves. I caught a FaceTime call with my mom at The Holly Bush pub, and then toured the surrounding Hampstead neighborhood- very hilly and very wealthy.

Onto the Bloomsbury for the Festival of Lights (thanks, TimeOut London). The entire street was dedicated to Light, contemporary art, and mulled wine (it’s starting to be the season for it!).

Saturday, Corey and I explored Camden Market. For me, it was a mix of Telegraph Ave in Berkeley and Chinatown, NYC. The rows of t-shirts, shoe stores, and smoke shops were incredibly dense- a pickpocket’s dream as you are wandering along these packed streets. Our guidebook suggested the food booths in the West Lock as a better choice when compared to the Mid- and East Lock, but overall, I was left wanting more.

We had ended our night at the Pig and Butcher with Nirav, a co-worker of Corey’s, and his partner, Melissa, who has been hooking me up with the tutoring opportunities! The smoky beer was so tasty, as was the thick peasant bread with Corey’s seafood stew.

Another Sunday Funday~ The Bills and Jags played at Wembley Stadium! The entire stadium was given Jags flags because the team has hosted games in London for the past three years. That was a bit of a downer seeing as we were there with an entire bloc of Bills fans. I can’t imagine watching a football game at this stadium- a real football game- because the fans must go nuts. But for American football, it was a funny mash-up of random jerseys- Steelers, Niners, Titans, Seahawks, etc -BUT all waving Jaguar flags!?! Haha! The day was filled with jokes from Corey’s boys, unhealthy food choices (an actual TV dinner fish finger sandwich on wheat bread), and of course, a few pints. Wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

New Restaurants:

  1. Exmouth Coffee (WhiteChapel): Shoutout to Sam who made me fantastic lentil curry dinner after Friday’s London hike, and for also for being a beast in the kitchen at Exmouth Coffee and putting together a strong avocado salad, and chocolate fudge cake. I’ll be back!
  2. The Little Viet Cafe (Angel): I want to say I’ll go back to try more, but the food was incredibly meat heavy, and overpriced. It’s not ruled out because Corey still needs to go and have a try, but I miss Oakland pho.
  3. Bodean’s BBQ (on City Road near Angel): Speaking of meat heavy- we though it was a good idea to hit up BBQ after a day of football and drinks, and paid the price that night during the Eagles game. Rough middle of the night for the Birds and for our tummies- too soon?

Shoutout to Eula for being brave enough to ask a question on The Read. Kid Fury and Crissle traveled to do a live show in Seattle, and I heard my cousin’s voice from thousands of miles away on their podcast. So neat!

Shoutout to Gary for your humor and your organizational skills. We’d be lost without you.

Shoutout to all the mamas and papas who might be dressing up their little ones this Halloween. Please send me pictures! I miss your faces, and of course, the chubby cheeks of your baybes.

Finally, a BIRTHDAY SHOUTOUT to Mrs. ‘Momma Margaret’ Spells!!! Thank you for loving life and teaching others to do the same.  Your honesty and perspective make you a great story teller and a one-of-a-kind mom. I know that I hope to be as graceful, gorgeous, and energetic when I grow up! Love you.

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