Countdown from NYC

9/8/15: Late arrival into NYC made ordering in sushi the perfect welcome back to NYC. Sometimes, it’s the small comforts of NYC like getting delivery and sitting on my couch that remind me how wonderful this vast city really is.

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

9/9/15: Cafe Latte with a Latin egg wrap with Lizzy. Gotta get back to all the breakfast spots that used to start off my weekend on the right foot.

Ate lunch at Ippudo Ramen, which still has my vote for best ramen in NYC. While eating the wasabi veggie ramen, Nick shared that he has been promoted to Chef de Cuisine at Ssam bar!!! Congrats!!!! I was so proud that I cried. Seriously.

Happy housewarming and cheers to the new Ssam Chef de Cuisine, Nick Wong! So proud!


Girl Car at Addie’s for a final goodbye with amazing and emotional journal reading that felt like everyone giving me hugs for the entire night.

Each friend wrote a goodbye journal entry and read it aloud at the end of the night (tissues needed!) I love the people we love!

9/10/15: Everything bagel with veggie cream cheese from Absolute bagels with Anne.

Back to Infinity for flag football tryouts and seeing the kiddoes and my wonderful coworkers.

Shoutout to Peter for forwarding this email so I could come help Griff.

Dinner with Gary at Ssam bar for Nick’s first night!

Nick’s newest: mackerel with sunchokes


Gary & I get creative. The guy with the bandana is Nick.

9/11/15: Hangouts with Janine at Dovetail- a wonderful tasting menu. We fancy.

9/12/15: Evin’s bridal shower! So glad to be there to celebrate with her.

She framed our card, Dad!

Laughing and playtime with Luka! So good to catch up with Stabs and Joe as the school year starts up, complete with Spanish rosé.
Pio Pio hangouts with Glenn and a wonderful final ride around NYC! I felt so lucky to see the city one more time with a true friend instead of a cab driver.
9/13/15: Hangouts with Kyle, Nadine, Peyton and Avery! The girls are going to be taller than me the next time I see them!

Took a risk testing IPAs with J9 and downloaded the app Untappd to keep track of the new beers I taste across the pond.

For my final night in the states with Ad, Todd, Stabs and Caitlin, we blind taste tested American beers while watching the opening night of the NFL. (Insert “U.S.A!” chant)

If you’re wondering, my fave was Bud heavy.

9/14/15: Business class here I come! Champagne, charcuterie plate and a fully reclining seat. It made waiting to get to Corey a bit easier!

Picked me up with roses and an Uber waiting for my five pieces of luggage. Just dreamy.

What a great start to this wonderful journey. I’m already tackling unpacking, reorganizing the kitchen, and reviving Corey’s plant. More to come soon! We travel to Portugal next week…


2 responses to “Countdown from NYC”

  1. Wow Miko! You did a lot in just a few short days. So glad you didn’t have to choose between food and music, but got to do it all. Thanks so much for sharing! Love, Dad


  2. Looks as tho u had a fabulous time! I know Cole kept u smiling and nibette & Kwaku kept your tummy full and your ft tapping.


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