First Stop: Mighty Memphis

Friday 9/4: Mighty Souls Brass Band was such an energetic and talented group! Had the bar dancing all night.  The saxophonist was born and raised in Memphis (his other claim to fame is giving Bette and Kwaku their washer/dryer and pointers about how to live it up in Memphis).


Saturday 9/5: We drank at Wiseacre, a local brewery that has their beer in many restaurants and bars. Added bonus was the gulf shrimp food truck that served up po boys and hush puppies for customers to take with them into the brewery.

(Wasn’t able to snap a shot as my hands were full of dunkelpuppy beer, po boys and red velvet cake from Muddy’s bakery)

Later that evening….Gus’ Fried Chicken (20 piece with coleslaw, potato salad, beans, greens, and wonder bread). My mouth is watering as we speak.

If you’ve never eaten at Gus’ then you’ve never eaten fried chicken

Literally needed to waddle to Beale Street as the only activity between Wiseacre and Gus’ was a nap. Beale Street was a huge parade of rainbow frosted-type drinks in buckets and bowls with the backdrop of bright neon lights, live music and cop cars (bleh). We didn’t stay long and instead went out to a beer garden type joint with a jumbo Jenga game.

The Flying Saucer Bar


Sunday 9/6: Brunch at Lafayette’s with live music from Sam Cook and Ray Charles and many more.

Then, onto the tour at Sun Studios to see the exact spot where Elvis recorded for the first time in his life. We drove along the Mississippi River, saw the Gibson Guitar factory, and the Memphis Grizzly stadium. Our two final stops were Central BBQ (hello ribs!) and the Shell in Overton Park for a free summer show with the North Mississippi Allstars.


Central BBQ


The Shell at Overton Park

Clearly good food and music was a central theme during my trip to Memphis which I couldn’t be happier to have experienced with my wonderful friends, Nibette and Kwaku, who do food and music exceptionally well. Oh yeah, they are also blessed with this little one who made the trip so so special!

Visiting Shelby Farms


Visiting Overton Park


Miko helped me get dressed today!


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  1. Yay for blogging! Enjoy the music in Memphis!


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